Customer Testimonials
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! The jacket fits perfectly! What a great job they did. I can see how this drew a little extra attention. I'll be wearing it constantly when the weather changes, so I'm sure I'll get to model it for you. I can't thank you enough for such a perfect fit! I hope to work with you again soon.

- Tiffany Junta (Devon Seafood Grill)

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Collarless Shirts - Made to Order

Custom shirts without a collar is a popular style for workers in establishments as chef wear, server wear and hospitality uniforms. Choose from a variety of quality fabrics and decorative options. Made to Order sizes from XS to 7X ensures a good fit that is comfortable, durable and one of our top styles!

'Get the right Style, Get the right Fit' with Custom Collarless Shirts that are quality, Made to Order in the USA!

65% poly/35% cotton Black Poplin

Collarless shirt black with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4006
Collarless Shirt in Black

65% poly/35% cotton Heater Blue Poplin

Collarless shirt heather blue with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4018
Collarless Shirt in Heather Blue

65% poly/35% cotton Hyacinth Poplin

Collarless shirt hyancinth with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4020
Collarless Shirt in Hyacinth

65% poly/35% cotton Magenta Poplin

Collarless shirt magenta with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4014
Collarless shirt in Magenta

65% poly/35% cotton Navy Poplin

Collarless shirt navy with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4003
Collarless shirt in Navy

65% poly/35% cotton New Blue Poplin

Collarless shirt new blue with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4019
Collarless Shirt in New Blue

65% poly/35% cotton OD Green Poplin

Collarless shirt OD green with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4010
Collarless Shirt in OD Green

65% poly/35% cotton Pumpkin Poplin

Collarless shirt pumpkin with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4002
Collarless Shirt in Pumpkin

65% poly/35% cotton Purple Poplin

Collarless shirt purple with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4004
Collarless Shirt in Purple

65% poly/35% cotton Red Poplin

Collarless shirt red with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4026
Collarless Shirt in Red

65% poly/35% cotton Royal Poplin

Collarless shirt royal with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4021
Collarless Shirt in Royal

65% poly/35% cotton Spruce Poplin

Collarless shirt spruce with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4001
Collarless Shirt in Spruce

65% poly/35% cotton Tan Poplin

Collarless shirt tan with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4016
Collarless Shirt in Tan

65% poly/35% cotton White Poplin

Collarless shirt white with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4005
Collarless Shirt in White

65% poly/35% cotton Wine Poplin

Collarless shirt wine with left chest pocket
Style # : 4101-4000
Collarless Shirt in Wine
Company Information
Culinary Classics is a family owned uniform company providing uniform apparel you want to wear. Your staff can look forward to wearing made-to-order uniforms which complement female, long, short, and plus sizing from XS-7X. We require no minimums, as well as offering complementary design consultation. Our manufacturing plant is located in Chicago, IL where we make your garment from start to finish ensuring the highest quality.